CBD oil: 3 ways to consume it

L'CBD oil has the advantage of being very easy to consume since it is a pipette bottle filled with hemp oil and MCT oil. There is therefore no difficulty in taking it, apart from a few precautions of dosage to use it wisely. Moreover, theCBD oil is the most common and popular cannabidiol product of all. With Spectrof, do not hesitate to discover the different ways of consuming it to take advantage of its benefits.

CBD oil directly under the tongue (sublingual route)

New to CBD? Have you heard of the benefits ofcannabidiol oil for different reasons (stress, sleep, anxiety, pain, etc...) and you want to get started. Sublingual CBD oil is certainly the most effective and widespread mode of ingestion. Indeed, the product comes in the form of a pipette bottle which allows you to easily dose the CBD intake, in the form of drops. For this mode of use, we recommend that you place the CBD drops directly under the tongue, because there are many cannabinoid receptors located there, which allows a quick effect.

Include CBD oil in your diet

You use CBD oil for a light relaxing effect, you can incorporate a few drops of oil into your food preparations. You are fond of original or classic recipes and creative, consider preparing your favorite recipes with CBD oil. Indeed, mixed with vegetable oil or butter, it will work wonders in your diet, making your delicious dishes real boosters of zenitude.

Be careful not to overheat your dishes. The cannabinoids don't like very hot weather. You will therefore have to adapt so as not to exceed 160 to 180°C, and thus avoid the degradation of the molecules which provide so many beneficial effects.

Of course, don't use your entire bottle for a recipe either. A few drops will be enough to allow you to enjoy its relaxing and soothing effects.

An ideal oil for body massages

In case of pain, CBD oil is also an effective ally. Its consumption by cutaneous way is favorable in particular if you suffer from articular pain, in local application, with the hydration of the skin and favorable with relaxation for a well-being massage. As with the food mode, we recommend mixing a few drops with carrier oil or your usual massage oil to maximize its relaxing effects.

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