How much CBD oil is needed?

Hemp plant extract, commonly called CBD, is a molecule that no longer needs to be proven. It is useful for treating and curing various conditions, including inflammatory pain. L' hemp oil can be used for a quick and more immediate effect. However, the recommended dosages should not be exceeded. Here is a brief overview of CBD and the amounts of CBD oil to consume.

The remarkable healing properties of CBD oil.

L'CBD oil derived from hemp is a non-psychoactive liquid that affects your body by its dose. The main benefit of CBD oil is to reduce inflammation in the body.

CBD oil helps in the treatment of anxiety disorders, so it's no surprise that it can help you fight anxiety. This is because CBD oil has a powerful impact on serotonin. This reactivity of the molecule provides global or local anxiety relief for anyone who suffers from it.

CBD oil is also beneficial for those who suffer from PTSD and other symptoms of stress, in addition to those who experience them. The answer is simple. Clinical trials and laboratory tests have shown that CBD oils lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol (BMC Psychiatry January 16, 2020 - Medicinal cannabis for psychiatric disorders: a clinically-focused systematic review). As a result, CBD oil can help you rest better.

Finally, CBD oil can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, CBD oil can be used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Also, if you have wounds that are slow to heal, applying CBD oil might help them heal faster. Finally, cancer patients can use CBD oil to relieve the symptoms of

How to dose your CBD oil?

Have you ever tried taking many drops of CBD once ? If you answered yes, you already know that this high dose product can damage or exacerbate your health condition.

How much CBD oil to ingest?

It is essential to know how much CBD oil you have to take, but keep in mind that it will depend on how you consume it. If using a dropper, 2-3 drops per day by mouth should be sufficient if the solution is properly concentrated. Take things slowly and carefully. However, depending on the intensity of your pain and the amount will need to be adjusted. Do not hesitate to follow the advice provided in our product sheets, to find out the recommended dosages, or to contact us for more detailed information.

SPECTROF also offers CBD oils available in 5-30% concentration, as well as CBD products online. It is important to note that while many countries have legalized medical marijuana, it remains illegal in France. It is therefore important to know that our oils do not contain more than 0,2% THC (no solvent reduction) so that they are legal on the French market.

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