Why consume a Full Spectrum CBD oil?

The cannabidiol market is booming in European countries and in France. Thanks to
its relaxing and analgesic properties, CBD attracts many more consumers
for health and wellness use.

Today, theFull Spectrum CBD Oil, a product derived from this molecule, makes its
entrance while offering innumerable advantages. But why consume this
substance ? How to find the right dosage? Follow the leader !

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Le Full Spectrum CBD comes from the complete extraction of hemp, that is to say from all
its parts: seeds, stems, flowers and leaves. It is therefore an oil that contains all the
active molecules with therapeutic properties present in the cannabidiol plant.
The combination of all the cannabinoids present in this Full Spectrum CBD provides
an incredible mix of health benefits. According to scientific studies, the oil of
CBD Full Spectrum gives its user a more powerful entourage effect, thanks to its
molecules that naturally interact with each other. It can quickly reduce stress
and a person's anxiety. In addition, it promotes sleep and offers relief

muscle pain. In local application, this type of CBD also helps relieve
body skin inflammation. Some individuals use cannabidiol in
addition to chemotherapy to remedy the side effects experienced.

How much oil to consume?

The dosage of CBD is complicated. However, it is important to calculate it correctly to
get the desired results. In order to determine how much oil to consume, it is
essential to take into account the following elements: age, weight, concentration of
the oil consumed, sensitivity to CBD, etc. Based on these characteristics, a small
dose is recommended for a person new to consumption. He is always
prudent to start with a low dosage in order to avoid the inevitable side effects.
The natural cannabidiol molecule participates in the regulation of cellular homeostasis while
acting on the human organism. Generally, the dosage is recommended on
the label of the package, in a bottle of 10 ml of oil, there are about 200 drops. With
Full Spectrum CBD oil, the quantity to be consumed must be assessed according to the concentration
of CBD contained in the product. The best way to precisely determine this
amount of CBD will be the self-experimentation phase.
Full Spectrum CBD oil is known for its powerful effect in small doses. She is
constituted by the presence of all the active molecules derived from hemp. For those who
are looking for a quality product, opt for this full-spectrum CBD with properties
recognized for your well-being and your health.

Spectrof, a high quality Full Spectrum CBD oil

Spectrof offers its customers a very high quality Full Spectrum CBD oil !
Derived from hemp Sativa L. extracts, our Full Spectrum oil naturally contains less
of 0,2% THC, in accordance with French regulations.
Its organic formula, GMP certified and GMO-free, makes it Full Spectrum CBD oil the
most advanced on the market. Do not hesitate to test our products to feel the “well-being” effects
of a CBD oil not like the others!

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