Why is CBD oil effective for dogs and cats?

CBD is not just for humans. It has indeed been scientifically proven that the benefits of cannabidiol are numerous for animals, contrary to popular belief. Discover the benefits and some management ideas for using CBD for your dog or cat.

What are the positive effects of CBD on animals?

The CBD oils improve the well-being and general health of your animal. It is not a magic remedy that can replace a medicine prescribed by a veterinarian, but it is a dietary supplement that has several advantages, including:

  • an increase in your dog's or cat's physical activity;
  • reduced stress, anxiety and aggression;
  • a significant reduction in pain;
  • reduction in vomiting;
  • improved coat health;
  • etc.

Is CBD a safe and effective treatment for all animal species?

CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants. CBD is currently used to treat dogs, cats and horses. Clinical studies have shown that CBD is beneficial for all mammals. The endocannabinoid system is shared by all animals on the planet, which is why the therapeutic effects of CBD are quite comparable between humans and animals.

There should be no negative impact on your pet's health or behavior if you feed them the right dosage of high-quality CBD. More and more veterinarians are now using CBD in conjunction with traditional therapy to treat animals.

What's the best way to give CBD to your cat or dog?

There is no particular method for administering theCBD oil, but the easiest way is to put it in your pet's mouth. The active chemical substances of the product will be absorbed by the mucous membranes as soon as they are put on them. If your pet is resistant to CBD, you can add it to their regular food. Cannabidiol (CBD)-infused items for dogs and cats are also available from many online CBD retailers, in the form of oils, tablets, or great-smelling and tasting snacks that pets love.

As far as dosage is concerned, the threshold is set at 0,5 mg/kg of CBD per kg of body weight for pets. CBD has many benefits that should show up within a day or two of administering it to your pet. It is essential to start small and gradually increase the amount given until you find out what works best for your pet.

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